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KL Technologies (formerly known as Porvair) is the holding company of a group with operations based around the world. Based in the United Kingdom, we have offices in China, Hong Kong, Russia and the United States.

KL Technologies companies are committed to innovation, supported by a team of experienced staff who provide a wide range of customer support and advice. Our strength is our ability to find solutions to the challenges faced by our customers using our many years of experience in textile, in polymers and in the ceramics industry.

This experience and our attention to detail have put KL Technologies at the forefront of innovation, whether you need a waterproof membrane or a ceramic water filter.

From our beginnings as Porvair, our world leading technology has been driven by meeting market requirements and surpassing them. By understanding our customers and exceeding their needs, together with investment in research and development, KL Technologies can explore the potential of materials and consistently achieve higher levels of performance.

Join us in the world of performance materials. Let us solve your problems.


Breathable and Waterproof Membranes

Technical Ceramic Manufacturing

Ceramic Water Filters

KL Technologies has developed some of the most advanced products in their fields. Our breathable and waterproof membrane technology is world leading and our products are used by the military and emergency services among many others.

PCL Ceramics develop market-leading ceramic pressure casting systems and pressure cast moulds. These systems allow us to help customers produce the very highest quality ceramic products for both technical and tableware purposes.

Our UK ceramic water filter manufacturing facility uses pioneering production methods to ensure the highest quality product at a consistently low price. Understanding the importance of clean water has helped us to develop high quality ceramic water filters for taps, water coolers, and untreated water.

Our Company Structure


PCL Ceramics

Porelle Membranes

PIL Membranes specialises in the development of world leading hydrophilic, microporous, and PTFE membranes. Their products are used by many sectors, including the military.

PCL Ceramics provides high-pressure casting systems and ceramic manufacturing technologies for sanitaryware, tableware, and technical ceramic companies.

Porelle offers industry leading waterproof, breathable membranes that perform under any conditions. Perfect for use in winter sports or in extreme weather conditions.

KLT Filtration


KLT Filtration specialises in the manufacturing of high-tech, porous ceramic water filters. Their technology removes micro-bacteria and bugs while improving the taste of water.

Nanoflam leads the way in innovative and cutting edge fire retardant textile coatings. From curtains to military clothing, Nanoflam produces the highest quality coatings.

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